High-Resolution Digital PET/CT

uMI Vista

With the unique Integrated-Light-Guide Digital PET technology and a 160-slice CT system, uMI Vista combines high quality functional images with fine anatomical structure visualization. The state-of-the-art reconstruction technology and comprehensive applications further boost diagnostic precision in oncology, neurology and cardiology.


  • SiPM based Integrated-Light-Guide Digital PET Detector. 

  • Clear Imaging Provided from Detection to Reconstruction.

  • Comprehensive PET and CT application

Integrated-Light-Guide Digital PET Detector


Integrated Light Guide improves light collection efficiency and spatial resolution to achieve exceptional image quality.


SiPM technology increases photoelectric conversion efficiency to reduce signal loss, yielding outstanding image quality.

High-precision Crystal

The ultra-fine crystal size significantly enhances image resolution.

Modular Design

High-level modular design achieves remarkable system reliability and serviceability.

Clarity Imaging Chain

2.9mm NEMA Resolution

Outstanding resolution performance is achieved through systematic imaging chain engineering.

HYPER Iterative Reconstruction

Improves signal-to-noise ratio and contrast recovery to aid lesion detectability and quantitative accuracy.

24cm Large Axial FOV

4 beds positions for a whole-body scan

Expand clinical efficiency.

High speed scanning

Increase patient throughput.

160-slice High-performance CT

0.3s rotation speed

High temporal resolution CT imaging.

70kV Scan Mode

Lower CT radiation dose and better image contrast.

0.5mm Acquisition Element

Delivers high SNR and image quality.

1024×1024 Reconstruction Matrix

High spatial resolution to visualize fine anatomical details.

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