We are the official representative of RAYMED LLC in Azerbaijan , UIH (United Imaging Healthcare).
Our goal is to make the equipment manufactured by UIH (United Imaging Healthcare) recognizable in our country, in the production of which all innovative technologies are reflected.

Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing, developing and producing high-performance advanced medical imaging, radiotherapy equipment, life science instruments and offers intelligent digital solutions to customers worldwide. UIH is committed to creating more value for our customers and constantly improving the global accessibility of high-end medical equipment and services through in-depth cooperation with hospitals, universities, research institutions, and industry partners.

R&D Map

Yes. You Really Should Get To Know Us.

With research and development locations across the United States, our award-winning artificial intelligence team based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and service engineers and critical service parts in forward stocking locations nationwide, our nearly 100,000 square foot Texas headquarters is flanked by a nationwide presence that has been getting bigger every year since 2013.

Built for the Modern World

With a fresh, bold approach to business, a highly vertically integrated structure, and our unique “all-in” strategy, United Imaging is on a mission to raise the bar across the industry. We’re built to do exactly that, from our factory and North American headquarters in Houston to our R&D and AI locations across the United States.

Globally, we develop and produce advanced medical products, digital healthcare solutions, and intelligent solutions that cover the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment.

Beyond the Status Quo

Because we built ourselves from the beginning to approach the industry differently, we can go beyond norms to offer what modern healthcare organizations need.

Customer Success

Fast. Flexible. Modern. Our service team is called Customer Success for a reason. We prioritize solving needs the first time and preventing issues from recurring.

  • United Performance Guarantee that goes beyond the expected
  • Software Upgrades for Life
  • Risk-sharing agreements customized to meet your needs
  • Cost predictability with all-in coverage that includes training
  • Adaptable service agreements and flexible service delivery
  • Personalized clinical applications support

Cybersecurity Investment

Cybersecurity is a major global commitment for United Imaging and important to help protect our customers. Our products are all independently tested and meet rigorous modern standards for information security, such as the CIS (Center for Information Security) Window’s Benchmark™, and third-party penetration and vulnerability testing. We use the same base software throughout our full product portfolio, allowing us to standardize our approach to risk assessment, maintenance, and enhancement.


Our customers deserve a fresh approach and higher standards. That’s why we fully embrace industry progress and bold change. If change isn’t happening, we create it. It’s a modern way of doing business that welcomes change and puts customers and patients first. We think it’s about time.