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Reinventing preclinical systems to enable unprecedented translational research. ​Incorporation of innovative technologies into our preclinical systems provides unique capabilities for preclinical imaging and seamless translation.​


Performance Specifications


  • 168 ring

    SiPM PET Detector

  • 48 cm

    PET Axial Coverage

  • 50 cm

    PET Bore Diameter

  • 57 cps/kBq

    PET Sensitivity

  • 70 cm

    CT Bore Diameter

  • 40 rows

    0.5s CT Detector

Performance Specifications


  • 9.4T

    MR Field strength​

  • 300 mm

    MR Bore Diameter

  • 9000 T/m/s​

    Slew Rate​

  • 1000 mT/m​

    Gradient Strength​

  • uCS inside​

    Compressed ​Sensing

  • ADEPT inside​

    Pulse Sequence Development

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